Bleachluv's Naruto Tv Review

Rated: 9

This story has an uncanny ability to drag you in. The plot line is very originaland never becomes tired out because it is always changing, but never losing the main plot. As all great anime, it houses all the major Genres:humor, ACTION(^_^), a tad of romance, etc. It has moments that make you cry, scream(the good scream ^_~), sing, grin. While this series doesn't house a deeper meaning, well, not an extensive one, I enjoy it very much.

It's one of the series' that drag you in. Watching it never gets old. Though, I suggest the japanese vision over the new english one, but both seem good (though I haven't seen an episode of the english one yet)

It is a series that you don't have to be totally obsessed with to like but you easily can be if you wish.

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Bleachluv's Inuyasha Tv Review

Rated: 3

presentation? oh man.... terrible! I suppose it's originalty is ok and the series has some humor buty everything they does is soooooo shallow. In the last episode I watched the main characters were in danger of dieing and I wasn't even upset... I mean wtf is that? I don't enjoy watching it.... I don't even know why I do..... *sigh* I can't stress how shallow this series is.... and with 200 episodes.... It gets almost painful to watch.... It's still good to start on, just don't overdo it. It has humor, romance, action etc. but it's not deep. The series just don't have the ability to drag you in. I mean... the main character(Inuyasha) learns his sword's "greatest technic' like 4 or 5 times..... This series really really had potential but they really didn't do a good job... 200 episodes....

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Bleachluv's Fullmetal Alchemist Tv Review

Rated: 10

It's Presentation is flawless, there is everything in this anime: humor, drama, romance, suspence, serious motions, sometimes sentimetal, and filled with action. I laughed, I cried, I got mad, upset.... It really has a way of dragging you in. Each character is given a deeper side and there hate-able characters. I suggest making an effort to see the deeper meaning because it only gets better the more you look into it. (It makes symbolism look cool :P)

It's amazing to watch, worth staying up to any hour. It NEVER gets old, and this is from the person who has seen the series at least 20 times each, some episodes up to 60+ times. (no lie, it's that good) It really drags you in, I cry at certain parts even now, I can't help it, it's just that good.

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